At NCDA our basic uniform is based on black clothing. We have flexible options. We do have a studio uniform available which we order during the year. It is not compulsory. Some styles and sizes are in stock. Miss Cheryl will email the order form when it is time to order the uniforms for those interested). More information regarding styles and colour choice etc. is available in the student information package. Please contact Miss Cheryl for more information.
Those marked * are required at our Annual Showcase.

*Black sleeveless Leotard
*Black boy shorts
*Black fishnet stockings (from dancewear supplier)
Black ankle socks
*Black 3/4 or full length tights
*Black dance sneakers or slip on jazz shoes Black crossover / warm up top
Black t-shirt (plain)
*Black tap shoes (Tap students only)

*Black Sleeveless leotard
*Flesh pink ballet tights
*Pink leather ballet flats (for classical students)
*Pointe shoes (recommended students only)
Black crossover
Black exam skirt
Flesh coloured Toe thongs (contemporary)
Flesh coloured Contemporary dance shoes (either Capezio Freeform or leather/canvas Ballet shoes)
White/flesh high waist hot shorts (occasionally)

*Black long pants
*Black shorts
*Black t-shirt (plain)
*Black dance sneakers or joggers 

Studio branded uniform items are available to order if desired (non- compulsory), order forms are emailed out regularly.  Uniform items available are as follows: singlet tops, hot shorts, jackets, crop tops, zipper crop top, tights

For non branded uniform items, we recommend Danse Boutique Cardiff (who are our preferred supplier), Bloch Charlestown, and Flight Dance Supplies Maitland.

Some items can be bought from Big W, Kmart Target etc but some items really do need to come from the Dance Shop for quality and consistency in styles (this includes shoes and tights). 

Please see Miss Cheryl for more information.