Miss Angel
Senior Teacher

Wallsend Studio

Miss Angel will be teaching our Wallsend Studio on Wednesdays as a Senior Teacher.

Luka-Angel is a previous scholarship winner for the Academy, and has been part of our JFH, contemporary, classical, tap, cheer and Acro classes for a number of years.

Miss Angel has completed a Certificate 3 in Dance, Theatre and Community events. She is experienced in improvisation, technique, movement, choreography, and group work.

Miss Angel has also been a part of performing arts kids camps. Which involved choreography, teaching and performance. This involved lager group sizes.

Miss Angel has been in musicals and productions with school and with Maitland Musical Society.

Miss Angels talents are quiet diverse. She has a written an autobiography which has been published and has been involved in the filming of a Netflix short documentary recently released by Ambisie called ‘Generation inspire 2’ - where she is 1 of 3 nominated young people that the documentary is about.

Miss Angel has current WWCC clearance.