CLASSICAL BALLET - This class is taught by Miss Cheryl.

Classical Ballet is the foundation for most styles of dance. It provides students with correct training for body alignment, core strength, flexibility and body control. Classical Ballet provides an important foundation in technique in other styles including Jazz and Contemporary. At NCDA we teach the syllabus from Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) from Primary to Advanced. This is an international syllabus.

CONTEMPORARY - This style is very popular at NCDA and is taught by Miss Cheryl and Miss Jessica.

Contemporary dance is a beautiful style and is popular on the hit TV show So You Think You Can Dance. It is a blend of Classical Ballet and Free Movement. It uses floor work and expressive movements and shows dance through interpretation of music. It is a relaxed form of dance.

The Contemporary style is enhanced if students are able to attend Classical classes, however this is not compulsory.

JFH - Miss Cheryl and Miss Jessica teach this style

This is a combination class of three styles fused together, Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop.

This is the latest style of commercial dance to popular music. It is fun and energetic. Suitable from age 5 through to adult. This style is used by commercial dancers and is commonly used in video clips.

This is a popular class that offers a wide selection of music choices.


This fun energetic class is taught by our qualified teacher Miss Jess. Boys aged from 6 to14 are invited to participate in this class. No previous experience necessary. Come along and have fun while making new friends and dancing to awesome music.

CHEERDANCE - This class is taught by Miss Cheryl.

The Cheerleading style we teach at NCDA is Cheerdance. It is a non-competitive style which has a very strong dance background, including safe lifts. Our routines use poms while learning leg and arm combinations. This is a very popular class for all ages. It doesn't matter if you cannot do gymnastics steps, we can always find something for you to do - a base support person, a flyer (someone who gets lifted), a cart-wheeler or lead dancer. You learn a number of energetic routines to popular cheer music whilst learning awesome teamwork.  The class includes core strength and flexibility exercises.

NOTE: NCDA has supplied the main cheerleaders for the NRL (Newcastle Rugby League) Grand Final games, pre-game and half-time entertainment since 2011. Over 300 of our cheerdancers have taken advantage of this opportunity.

LITTLE STARS - This class is taught by Miss Cheryl

Our Little Stars Preschool Program is designed for 3 - 5 Year Olds. Class sizes are limited.

We teach all the Ballet basics while incorporating free movement, music interpretation and mime. We also include throughout the year basic Jazz movements to suitable music.

We teach Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Syllabus.

There are NO registration fees, fundraising levy, rehearsal or costume hire for this class. Costumes are provided for our Little Stars free of charge.

Our Annual Showcase is NOT compulsory and parents are able to stay and watch their Little Star at any time.

All students receive a beautiful trophy at our Presentation Day, where our Little Stars also have the opportunity to perform.

Please contact Miss Cheryl for more information. 


The Acro Dance program is based on safe and effective exercises with proven results in: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling.  Simple thoughtful progressions take the beginner preschool level dancer from log rolls to the advanced dancer tumbling effortlessly across the stage! 

Students aged from 3 years are invited to participate in this class, even if they are not a dancer. Classes are held each Saturday morning and is taught by our amazingly talented and highly trained teacher.