JFH (Jazz Funk Hip Hop Combination Class)
This is a combination class of three styles fused together, Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop.
This is the latest style of commercial dance to popular music. It is fun and energetic. Suitable from 5 year  through to adults. This style is used by commercial dancers and is commonly used in video clips. This is a popular class that offers a wide selection of music choices. We always endeavor to teach with age appropriate music to suit the different aged groups. Every student in the Academy takes this class as their base class. This is where they will learn the basic technique for turns, jumps and tricks. All classes taught by Miss Cheryl (except Wallsend Junior 2).

CLASSICAL BALLET (Primary to Advanced)
Classical Ballet is the foundation for most styles of dance. It provides students with correct training for body alignment, core strength, flexibility and body control. Classical Ballet provides an important foundation in technique in other styles including Jazz and Contemporary. At NCDA we teach the syllabus from Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) from Primary to Advanced. This is an international syllabus and is taught by Miss Cheryl.

Contemporary dance is a beautiful style and is popular on the hit TV show So You Think You Can Dance. It is a blend of Classical Ballet and Free Movement. It uses floor work and expressive movements and shows dance through interpretation of music. It is a relaxed form of dance. The Contemporary style is enhanced if students are able to attend Classical classes, however this is not compulsory. This style is very popular at NCDA and is taught by Miss Cheryl (Wallsend Senior Thornton Senior Thornton Junior) and Miss Jessica (Wallsend Junior and Intermediate).

TAP (Junior and Senior)
Tap is an exciting and fun genre of dance (and a great workout too!). From the classic era of Fred Astaire to the modern tap styles of the 'Tap Dogs' and alike, Tap develops co-ordination and musicality, and is a highly recommended style for dancers interested in pursuing Musical Theatre and enjoys musical style dance.

Cheer-Dance is a dynamic combination of cheerleading moves and stylish dance. Students will learn a variety of high energy routines performed to fun music. Group formations and individual expression will have you feeling like a professional cheerleader here. So if you love sassy dancing and are full of personality, come join this exciting and friendly class. Suitable for 8 years and older.

Our Boys will learn the basic foundation of the Hip Hop style, develop musical awareness, build coordination, strengthen muscles and learn basic dance technique. Basic hip hop dance moves will be taught and choreography will be introduced. Students will have fun learning new moves and dancing to age appropriate music in their class.


Our Little Stars Ballet program  is a carefully crafted introductory dance program for girls and boys designed to capture the imagination of our Little Stars and progress their physical, social and emotional development in a creative, colourful and playful way.  At NCDA we teach the Pre Primary RAD syllabus and Baby Ballet Syllabus, suitable for 3 to 5 years old.

A upbeat fun class that introduces our Little Stars to dance in a fun, funky and expressive way of dancing, it is a great introduction to dance for all young children. They may recognize songs in class as we like to keep the music fresh and up to date and age appropriate. They will develop technique and strengths and learn fun combinations. There is so much they can continue to learn with our Little Stars Jazz, a stepping stone to our “Junior School” classes.


A beginner/intermediate level open class for dancers in their first few years of Ballet or adults who have danced previously. It is relaxed and well-structured atmosphere where we practice the foundations of classical ballet including the positions, alignment, lines and co-ordination required for class. The class starts with exercises at the barre followed by work in the centre of the floor. And progressing into contemporary free movement exercises across the floor and simple combinations. Ballet and Barre is perfect for improving your core strength, posture, grace and muscle tone! Its never too late to start! Class can be taken as slow or fast as required. If you have any questions during class just ask!

Dance Fit and Jazz is a very energetic class involving dance based fitness exercises and includes sassy and fast-paced dance styles and choreography that also incorporates elements and techniques of  Jazz. It is influenced by pop hits and 80s style music. The inclusion and variation of Burlesque is a very feminine form of Theatre Jazz, and is popular in musicals such as 'Burlesque', ‘Chicago’ and 'Moulin Rouge.' The style is Inspired by French dancing, is sassy yet elegant and often uses props such as feathered fans large and small and chairs. Classes consist of warm-up exercises, technique and dance routine all rotating different styles. Suitable for all adults including beginners.Exercises can easily be modified in case of body limitations